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Coconut Oil

The Benefit of Drinking Drinking Coconut Water to re-hydrate and allegedly control weight has been a favourite among celebrities for a while now, so I was curious about the benefits of coconut oil which is Miranda Kerr’s secret to looking good. Kerr credits her slim figure to daily doses of coconut oil in her cooking, on her salad or in her cups of green tea.

This must surely mean that organic coconut oil is the ultimate beauty secret? Coconut is a highly nutritious food, rich in vitamins (Vitamin C, Riboflavin and Thiamine) and minerals (calcium, iron and phosphorus), and contains high levels of a particular type of fatty acid (lauric) that is known to help increase metabolism.

After you’ve gotten used to all your food having a slight taste of coconut, cooking with coconut oil is a delight. Especially as a little goes a long way, so you don’t feel like your blood veins will clog with unhealthy fat. Have yet to try it on toast, but am sure it’s delicious!

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Coconut juice | Non Surgical Eye Surgery? | Coconut Water

Have a read of this interesting story narrated in the book ‘Coconut Water for health and healing’  by Dr. Bruce Fife. Another fascinating testimonial of the great Benefit of Coconut Water:coconut juice good for eyes

“I ran across an interesting incident which dramatically illustrates the potential benefit coconut water may have in treating cataract.

“We discovered this by accident while on a cruise ship (years ago). A few of us were on an island day trip and wanted to get off the beaten tourist’s path so we hired a bus and driver to take us to the opposite side of the island (only 10 of us on that big bus). A man and his wife were taking the cruise as a sort last hoorah before her scheduled cataract surgery, we later found out.

Anyway, there was a beautiful beach with coconuts laying everywhere and we got thirsty, but there was no drinking water. So we decided to open up some coconut to quench our dry throats. We found a local with a big machete and through sign language we convinced him to open coconuts for us. The woman with the cataracts got splashed in one eye by the coconut juice, and it burned a bit.

We were all digging through everything we had for something to relieve her eye ‘injury.’ All we came up with was one moist washcloth. Her husband wiped her eye and placed the washcloth over it. About 10 minutes later she announced we should head back to the ship. We did. The next morning at breakfast she said that her eye was much better and that she could see very well.

We examined her eye closely and could not see any signs of the cataract, which was quite obvious the day before. She said she wished she had gotten splashed in both eyes. Then the idea dawned on us to ‘splash’ her other eye. We did that very day as soon as we got ashore and also repeated the other eye too. This time we were prepared.

We went to the local market, grabbed a coconut, opened it, and strained it through a washcloth into a plastic cup, dribbled the juice into both eyes, placed a warm washcloth over both eyes, waited 10 minutes, and the rest is history. She went to her MD upon returning stateside – no cataracts and no surgery!

“What is it in coconut water that may have an effect on cataracts? Coconut water contains antioxidants as well as magnesium, potassium and other minerals and enzymes which may un-denature or relax the lens proteins, allowing them to realign and become transparent again.”

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Coconut Water The New Slimming Aid | Benefit of Coconut Water

Coconut Water Calores Are Virtually Nil Who would have thought something tasting as delectably delicious, as Coconut Water could actually Help Weight Loss and prove to be a beneficial Slimming aid, with virtually no Coconut Water Calories being evident in this drink. It’s true! A Benefit Of Coconut Water that is another pleasing facet to ring in our ears (and taste in our mouth).

Yes this Benefit Of Coconut Water is warmly welcomed to many who are searching for Help with Weight Loss with it brimming with beneficial amounts of Potassium known to reduce Bloating from Water Retention. Water Retention can be a common cause of issues with Weight Loss that many people don’t actually even realize.

Lowering your salt intake and increasing your Potassium consumption will certainly help if you are a sufferer of this Bloating blunder. Try sipping this exotic elixir, to reap this tummy taming Benefit Of Coconut Water which effectively can Help with Weight Loss and create a more body-beautiful you!


Coconut Water Clears up Acne

Coconut Water is a great Acne Fighting Aid

One of the many Benefits Of Coconut Water emerging into the limelight, is it having a helpful hand to clear up Acne and similar distressing  Skin Conditions. It is also useful to Get Rid Of Acne Scars. I myself was an Acne Sufferer in my younger adult years and know only too well how this Skin Condition can be an upsetting one indeed. I went to extreme lengths such as laser treatment to eradicate the condition – if only I knew then what I know now about the wonderful Benefit Of Coconut Water as an Acne fighting aid!

Coconut Oil has been discovered to be a tremendous topic applied externally to the skin to assist with Skin Complaints and Acne Scars. It is growing in popularity being sold as a miraculous skin healer to the public. I have also heard of home remedy facials being made for Acne sufferers using Coconut Water, sandalwood and tumeric pasta!

Internally Coconut Water Benefits the skin with its 3 skin loving facets: Cytokinins, Antixoidants and Rehydration.

Cytokinin’s help enforce Anti-Ageing skin with additional healing abilities to Get Rid Of Scars. Antioxidants provide a fighting-force eliminating free-radicals that can be a popular perpetrator in receiving Acne.  Drinking Coconut Water will help keep you rehydrated – essential for flushing the body of harmful toxins and helping to add a glow to your complexion.

The most important influence is the high-levels of Lauric Acid that Coconut Water contains which is a prominent factor in it’s Acne fighting curative properties.  These elements combined place Coconut Water high up on the list of Acne fighting remedies and are a great Benefit Of Coconut Water indeed.

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Coconut Water Could Be The Wholesome New Baby Food | Benefit of Coconut Water

Coconut Water is used as an alternative to processed Baby FoodI was delighted to discover an article today reinforcing one of the claims that our site has made regarding a Benefit Of Coconut Water as being incorporated as a a substitute Baby Food to processed milk.

The Benefits Of Coconut Water for a baby are immense and such a wonderful way to introduce these nourishing facets to your child. The main superhero for babies in Coconut Water is it’s essential levels of Lauric Acid, There have been many in-depth studies carried out regarding how important Lauric Acid is to a developing infant and so Coconut Water has certainly gained the title as the ‘water of life’ for this purpose! Coconut Water also aids Digestion and helps to Boost Immune System..important factors for a new-born baby. If you want to have a further read about Lauric Acid and Coconut Water please see the following link, I am sure you will discover many other Benefit Of Coconut Water too!

I am so happy to see that mothers are really taking our Coconut Water wonder seriously and discovering how this exotic elixir is more than a fancy fad led by celebrity A-List stars. The life-permeating properties should be loudly applauded and I am confident there are many more amazing Benefit Of Coconut Water still to be explored!


Coconut Water - Hangover Cure!

I am extremely happy to have learned that one of the many mesmerizing health Benefits Of Coconut Water is its use as a Hangover Cure! At last! No more eating paracetamol…no more guzzling red bull (yuk), no more hare of the dog! Finally, all I have to do is drink a can of this sweet-tasting delicious Coconut Water before I go to bed and my hangover will be cured? Coconut Water really helps with Hangover!

Indeed it will! Tried and tested by yours truly I would like to pay homage to this wonderful ‘fluid of life’ for giving me a clean bill of health after a night of drunken antics on the town. What an amazing Benefit Of Coconut Water this is! Usually, a bottle of red wine and a couple of margarita’s later its not looking good….believe me. But after guzzling down some Coconut Water before bed, I awoke fresh as a daisy and less dehydrated than normal after a boozy night out. It appears the Coconut Water’s Electrolytes certainly does the trick replacing those much-needed nutrients lost to the alcohol influx from the night before and offering itself as a great Vitamin Water. It really does work! A great Benefit Of Coconut Water indeed!

So I would like to extend this hangover cure to every one who is sick of their ritual ‘coffee and alkaselzar’ combo or their greasy fry-up fix. Coconut Water is the way forward. It will erase any tell-tale signs of your nights drinking debauchery leaving you looking and feeling refreshed and revitalized. Maybe Coconut Water cocktails could be the way forward? Research is on me!